The Vibes Awards by The Venues Collection

Created with a vision to recognise hardworking business event professionals in Sydney and celebrate their vibes.

We love people. For a long time, we’ve known in our hearts and minds that people in our industry have unique DNA – flair, creativity, hard work, leadership, a lateral thinker and a team player. Some say, if we are not born for the industry, we won’t last a day at work. At The Venues Collection, we call that someone’s “vibes”.

In fact, people with our vibes use courage think about possibilities. They are accountable through their actions and will most certainly feel empathy for others, especially during stressful times.

If you know someone with vibes to celebrate, nominate them before 27 Aug 2023.

The awards will be held at Watersedge at Campbell’s Stores on Wednesday, 06 Sep 2023. Tickets to the event is by invitation only. Qualified finalists and their nominators will receive an invitation to the event.

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Key Dates:
  • Modification deadline - 1 September 2023 17:00
  • Submission close date - 1 September 2023 17:00
  • Review deadline - 5 September 2023

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